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Many of us have spent our precious time and money looking for and trying different ways to establish a successful business and earning a lucrative income. With the current Aids, swine flu, killer TB and coronavirus epidemic the demand for coffins and caskets are huge. Get a job with an existing manufacturer or start your own coffin and casket making business with our coffin training program.
To reduce fees to a minimal we do not maintain an expensive physical street office with staff and telephones. Our website serves as our office, simply follow the respective links and also read our Frequently Asked Questions for guidelines. Courses are held in Boksburg but the DIY Kit and training package is sent from the Eastern Cape - Coffin Manufacturer in Gauteng

The COVID-19 Omicron virus is here and this may lead to an increase in the demand for coffins and caskets. Use our quick and easy manuals plus training videos to get you up to speed so that you can participate in this essential community service, CLICK HERE to get it.

We will provide you with the necessary coffin & casket manufacturing skills to start your own coffin business, or secure employment with an existing manufacturer. With us you can learn how to manufacture coffins and caskets. You can either attend a course or purchase a pre-made do-it-yourself kit. If you can work with carpentry tools then you can simply get our coffin training manuals or training videos, which is the most cost effective option of getting your business up and running. The manuals, videos and kit covers the entire manufacturing process from A to Z including pictures, diagrams, sizes, patterns, templates and much more. The DIY kit covers everything that you will do during a Coffin Training Course but at a fraction of the cost. View the coffin training course dates HERE.

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Coffin & Casket Training Package

This is what you get:
  • Video on how to make the jig
  • Video on preparing side panels
  • Video on fitting the side panels
  • Video on head and toe inserts
  • Video fitting the floor panel
  • Video on making the lid
  • Video on fitting the skirting
  • Important notes
  • Coffin training manual
  • Seven coffin templates
  • Video making the main box
  • Video on fitting the skirtings
  • Video on the lif frame frame
  • Video on fitting the hinges
  • Video of the lid support and lid
  • Important notes
  • Casket training manual
  • Casket lid support template
  • Coffin side panel template
  • Business package
  • Basics of a dome casket
coffin and casket training videos


  • Coffin & Casket Training Videos
  • Coffin & Casket Manuals
  • Seven Coffin Templates
  • Coffin Side Panel Template
  • Marketing & Business Package
  • Only R1,250.00 plus courier
  • Quick, Easy & Inexpensive
  • Download demo video

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