Do-It-Yourself Kits

The do-it-yourself kit covers the entire manufacturing process from start to finish. Included is an infant coffin and casket, which you can use as an example to make your own. The training videos and manuals will also guide you through the entire manufacturing process.

Summary of the Kit

    A number 2 infant coffin with lid
    Seven templates (patterns used to make the jigs)
    A complete 28 page coffin manual - see index here
    A number 2 infant casket
    A 12-page casket manual including diagrams, photos and sizes
    Video on how to make the jig
    Video on preparing side panels
    Video on fitting the side panels
    Video on head and toe inserts
    Video fitting the floor panel
    Video on making the lid
    Video on fitting the skirting
    Seven coffin templates
    Important notes
    Video making the main box
    Video on fitting the skirtings
    Video on the lif frame frame
    Video on fitting the hinges
    Video of the lid support and lid
    Important notes
    Templates for the coffin side panel ends
    Business package to kickstart your business
    List of existing manufacturers
    List of wood and other suppliers

    The cost to send the kit via time freight courier:
    • Coffin & Casket Kit - R 300.00
    • This is payable over and above the costs quoted above. We no longer make use of the post office for kits.
    Please note that we do not accept liability for any losses or damage during transit. The kit will be ready 5 working days after payment is received and cleared.

    Payment by way of cash or electronic transfer is to be made before the D.I.Y kit will be released. Due to fraudulent activities we no longer accept cheques.

    • Coffin & Casket Kit - R 2,800.00 (less R 300.00 discount until end May 2019)