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Coffin & Casket Training Videos

A short synopsis of the package
  • Video on how to make the jig
  • Video on preparing side panels
  • Video on fitting the side panels
  • Video on head and toe inserts
  • Video fitting the floor panel
  • Video on making the lid
  • Video on fitting the skirting
  • Important notes
  • Coffin training manual
  • Seven coffin templates
  • Video making the main box
  • Video on fitting the skirtings
  • Video on the lif frame frame
  • Video on fitting the hinges
  • Video of the lid support and lid
  • Important notes
  • Casket training manual
  • Coffin side panel template
  • Business package
coffin and casket training videos

Full Package

  • Coffin & Casket Training Videos
  • Coffin & Casket Manuals
  • Seven Coffin Templates
  • Coffin Side Panel Template
  • Marketing & Business Package
  • Suppliers & Manufacturers
  • Quick, Easy & Inexpensive
  • Download demo video

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