Training Courses

Students will make an infant open face coffin and raised flatlid casket. This includes the following:
  • Making a coffin jig, side panels, head and toe inserts, floor panel, lid and skirtings
  • Making a casket box, floor panel, skirting, lid frame and raised lid
  • How to paint and stain a coffin/casket
  • You will be shown how to fit the interior linings
  • View a picture of the coffin and casket HERE

    Nothing except some old clothes or an overall.

    Some students are slower than others hence a fixed period cannot be given, on average it will be about 2 days. Courses start at 8.30am until 4.30pm. Refreshments will be served during the day.

    Courses are held in Boksburg. You can view the address and a directional map of where it is by clicking HERE

  • A certificate of attendance will be issued on completion of the course. View it HERE.
  • Free telephonic and email assistance will be given to students after completion of the course

    After the course you also receive the following:
  • Seven coffin templates (patterns used to make different sizes of coffin jigs)
  • A complete 28 page coffin manual - see index HERE
  • A complete manual for the raised flat lid casket
  • A business package to help you get your business off the ground, see index HERE
  • You also take with you the jig, coffin and casket that you made

  • Accommodation closest to the training center (rates differ during the year):
  • Europrime Hotel, 1 Drachman Ave, Boksburg: +- 1 Km from Venue - bookings link HERE
  • Sassy Pats, Bokkie Park, Boksburg: +- 4 Km from venue, +- R 300.00 - bookings link HERE
  • The training venue itself, but fairly expensive (over R 1,000.00)


    Courses will be held every second week and a maximum of four students per course can attend, this is done so that individual and quality attention can be given to each student. The dates can be viewed on our booking page (see link below). For each period the FIRST FOUR students that register and pay the course fee, will be accepted. If you are too late then you will have to choose a different period. We will let you know immediately. As we have to book and pay for the venue in advance students are required to book and pay the fee no less than 10 days in advance.

    The total course fee is R 4,680.00. During registration make sure you insert your correct email address, as you will receive an automated email a few minutes later. This email will contain our banking details. Please note that no cheques will be accepted. Only cash or EFT payments are allowed.


    If you are unable to attend a course you can get the DIY KIT or the TRAINING VIDEOS instead.


    After completion of the course students can leave their qualifications and contact details HERE for potential employers to see.


    View a detailed curriculum HERE

    Our tutor with students at the coffin training center coffin training